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Last Updated 25 November 2021
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To retain the most attractive prices for our buyers, we calculate the market price; this price is displayed in the products list on the Products → Products List or Prices → Products Prices pages:

The market price of convenience goods is calculated based on the number of pieces of one product in a bundle. To make sure your products are bought more frequently, we advise you to keep your prices on par with market prices.

# If the Market Price of a Bundle is Displayed Incorrectly

If the price is not multiplied by the quantity of your product, check the description. It is possible that you didn’t fill in the Units per Product field. To edit a product, go to the Products List page, select the line of the desired product, click , and choose Edit.

There may not be a market price if we do not have enough information to calculate it.

# Applying Market Prices

If you apply a market price, the Ozon Premium price will change as the discount will be applied to the new product price.

To set a price for a product equal to the market price:

  • Once: go to the Products → Products List or Prices → Product Prices page in your profile and click the price of the desired product. In the Price Management section, find the Price Monitoring subsection, and click Apply. The current price will become equal to the recommended one.

  • Always: set up the auto application of recommended prices. The current price will automatically become equal to the recommended price. The products with an auto application of a recommended price have the icon.

# Products on Other Sites

We use links to the products on other sites to determine the market price. The market price of convenience goods is calculated based on the number of pieces of one product in a bundle. Therefore, the price on the website may differ from the price offered by the algorithm. You can view these links in your profile; they are displayed on the PDP. To do this, go to the Prices Management section. The links are displayed in the Product on Other Sites subsection.

Next to the link, there is an icon with its verification status:

Icon What the status means
You have confirmed the link, and it is correct. If you find an error in the verified link, create a support request.
The link has been sent to us for verification.
We have added a link, and you have not verified it yet. Please verify the link.

If you have found an error in the link, or it has not been verified yet:

  1. Follow the link and check it.

    Some sites offer cheaper products to buyers who have a profile on this site (for example, on Therefore, the product price that you see and the price that our algorithm uses for analysis may differ.

  2. If the link is:

  • Correct, click next to it. It will get the confirmed status.

  • Incorrect, click next to it. On the newly opened panel, select or specify your reason why the link is incorrect and click Send. We will review your submission. If the link is indeed incorrect, it will disappear from the list of links determining the market price.

To check links for multiple products at once, use the template.

If the same product as yours is available on another site, you can add a link to it. This way, you won't have to keep track of price changes manually to keep your prices competitive. Products prices will be automatically updated in the list and taken into account when determining the market price.

To add your own link to the list:

  1. Go to the Prices Management section, select the Product on Other Sites subsection, and click Add Links.
  2. Enter a link to the site.
  3. To add another link, click Add a Link.
  4. Click the Send for Verification button. If the link qualifies, it will appear in the list after we verify it (usually within 72 hours after adding it).

Links to other sites can be sent by agreement with Ozon.

You can check the links to other sites to make sure we are comparing your product with a similar one on another site.

Go to Products → Checking Links to Other Sites, download the template, fill it out, and upload the file.

Open the “Checking Links” sheet in the file and check the product links. To do this, click the link and examine the product to which it leads. Find the column to the right of the link, open the drop-down list, and select “YES” if you have the same product; otherwise, select “NO”. If the site shows a different price, select ”NO” or leave the cell blank. Edit only the fields in the green columns; the other values will be calculated automatically.

On the Products List and Products Prices pages, the icon will appear for the products with a set auto application. After setting it up, the prices will not be updated immediately, but as soon as the market prices are updated in our system.