Delivery method is a setting of either a delivery service or self-shipment for a specific warehouse. The customization options depend on the choice of the delivery service.

You can add a delivery method when creating a warehouse or after saving it in the Logistics section.

# Types of delivery methods

Both integrated and non-integrated delivery methods are currently available for Ozon Global sellers. Learn more about delivery services working with your country

Delivery services can be integrated and non-integrated. The seller independently enters into a contract with the services.

Integrated delivery services are services with which Ozon is integrated. We have information about the geography of delivery and pick-up points of orders. The exchange of information on statuses and delivery dates is configured with integrated services. Geography can be selected from the list in your account when setting up the delivery method.

Non-integrated delivery services are services that the seller has chosen, but about which Ozon has no information. The seller sets the delivery time independently. When choosing non-integrated services, orders are delivered only by courier.

Delivery service Plan names in Russian Plan names for sellers from other countries Notes
Почта России / Russian Post Доставка в ПВЗ
Посылка онлайн
Registered Mail (RMH) Registered Mail,
Registered Mail Heavy
Registered Parcel (PH) Registered Parcel, Registered Parcel Heavy
Доставка курьером Курьер онлайн EMS/RDC EMS,
Russia Direct Courier
СДЭК/CDEK Доставка склад-склад — выдача в ПВЗ CDEK Express w-w
Доставка склад-дверь — курьерская доставка CDEK Express w-d
Доставка склад-склад — выдача в ПВЗ Chinese express w-w Only relevant for China
Доставка склад-дверь — курьерская доставка Chinese express w-d Only relevant for China
Boxberry Доставка в ПВЗ Pick up point delivery
Доставка курьером Сourier delivery

# How to add a delivery method

  1. When creating a warehouse, click Add delivery methods. To add the second and subsequent methods to the existing warehouse, in the Logistics section click Add in the Delivery methods from this warehouse section of you warehouse card. You can also add a method by clicking Add a delivery method on the warehouse card.

  2. Select the location for transferring products to the shipping provider:

    • if the shipping provider picks up the product from your warehouse or if the delivery to the shipping provider will not take more than one day, select Same as the country and city of the warehouse;
    • if the shipping provider is in another city/country, and the delivery will take more than one day, select Other.

    Make sure that the location of the transfer to the delivery service is selected correctly. Otherwise, the delivery time will be calculated without taking into account the days for the delivery of the goods to the carrier. We block sellers who violate delivery deadlines.

    If you selected Other, fill in the following fields:

    • Country — the country where your shipping provider's warehouse is located.
    • City — the city in which your shipping provider's warehouse is located.
    • How may days does the delivery to the shipping point take? — the time it takes to deliver the product to the shipping provider's warehouse, not including the time for the order packaging. You can specify the time for order packaging in the warehouse settings.

# How to edit a delivery method

  1. Click Edit Method.

  2. You can change the following:

    • Name of a method.
    • End of packaging time. More about packaging time.
    • Delivery regions: include or exclude the delivery destinations.
    • Delivery time (only for non-integrated service).
  3. Click Save changes.

# Statuses of delivery methods

The My warehouse section contains the statuses of the delivery methods:

  • Inactive. If a method has this status, then its creation has not yet been completed and customers will not be able to select it as a delivery method. In order to make this method available for selection, it must be activated. To do this, you need to complete the method parameters settings and click Save Method.
  • Archived. If a method has this status, then it has been fully completed. It can be chosen by customers as the delivery method for the order.
  • Editing. If a method has this status, it means that it is activated, but changes that you made were not saved. These changes will not be available to customers at checkout and they will only be able to select the shipping in a previously saved version of the method. To make your changes available to customers, click Save Method.
  • Archived. If a method has this status, then it has been moved to the archive, so customers will not be able to select it as a delivery method. Methods transferred to the archive are not deleted, and you can restore them at any time by contacting customer support.

# How to archive a delivery method

To archive a method:

  1. Click Move method to archive.

  2. Confirm the archiving of a method.

You can view or hide all methods moved to the archive. To do this, click Show archived methods or Hide archived methods in the menu.

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